Kris Aquino Walang Malubhang Sakit

PARANG nabunutan na ng malaking tinik si Kris Aquino matapos lumabas ang resulta ng kanyang medical check-up sa San Francisco last Tuesday bago siya umuwi ng ‘Pinas.

Sa kanyang latest Instagram post, inamin niyang talagang natakot siya bago lumabas ang resulta dahil may ‘markers’ daw sa kanyang blood test na parang indikasyon ng ‘something more serious’.

“Total & complete honesty, there were certain “markers” in my blood works that were red flags for something more serious. i only shared the news w/ my sisters, a few trusted friends & Bimb. It was a sleepless & worry filled Monday night waiting for the additional lab works that I’d be given to confirm if more consultations w/ specialists would be needed. So we all PRAYED,” ang bahagi ng post ni Kris.

Pero laking tuwa raw niya nang lumabas ang result last Tuesday dahil normal daw ang lahat.

“Sharing this because nothing beats FAITH in God’s goodness. The additional results that came Tuesday after lunch were a true gift from God. I was CLEARED because the results that would have confirmed having a stressful medical condition all came back NORMAL,” post pa niya.

Pero siyempre, ipagpapa­tuloy pa rin daw niya ang pagiging maingat sa sarili para sa kanyang mga anak.

“I think it was a way of emphasizing that foremost for a single parent like me is my good health for my 2 sons… i shall obey all my doctors’ instructions. We shall avoid all my allergy triggers & be ready for all emergencies. We won’t ignore my iron & vitamin D deficiency. We’ll take extra care knowing i’m anemic & will get the correct sleep & rest. And we’ll closely monitor my thyroid function.

“I debated about sharing­ details but it was from watching @wendyshow & her discussing her condition w/ Dr. Oz that i knew what the doctors were trying to explain to me. And if this post will encourage more Moms (all parents in gene­ral) to get a thorough health evaluation, i’ll know i used my platform for good- because how do we take care of our families if we don’t 1st care for ourselves?

“God bless all of you w/ good health. And i’m going home to the 2 people who matter most that’s why i have inspiration to be at my healthy best,” post pa ni Kris.

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