Pacific Macta Gets The Throne Again!

The burning event of competition in Crossfire Philippines was definitely an awesome history as the players battle to Championship for the title “Crossfire Stars 2017”


The event was held at High Grounds Café Timog last October’s 14 & 15 were in numerous of players/supporters came just to watch the raging battle from elimination round up to the Finals.


They’re 16 teams during the first day of the tournament until it breaks down into 4 teams. Within those 16 teams, TNC Pro Team, Wargods Terrovania, Execration Reborn GT, Pacific Wara, G1 Esports ACGaming, MATTJESS, Armour Loko and Pacific Macta remained in the playoffs after the enormous battle, until then, MATTJESS, Execration RGT, Armour Loko and Pacific Macta left to fight until the end.



G1 Esports ACGaming


Execration Reborn GT (RGT)


TNC Pro Team

The 2nd placers, Armour Loko showed great fight defeating Pacific Wara, one of the well known team to win the event, before they were sent to the lower bracket by Pacific Macta. MATTJESS also won a similar upset, taking out TNC Pro Team out of the competition to secure their place in the top 4.

Armour Loko

Armour Loko would then beat MATTJESS in the lower bracket semi-finals to secure their place in the top 3. In the lower bracket finals, Armour Loko beat Execration Reborn GT, making them the first ever regional team to reach the Grand Finals of the CFS National Finals.


They also avenged themselves when Execration Reborn GT beat them in the group stages.


But the team of Armour Loko’s experience in national competition has been proven lacking by the superstars of Pacific Macta, whose been competing for several years local and international.

Pacific Macta

Pacific Macta, along with the 10,000 USD prize, also wins the opportunity to become the Grand Champions in the world of Crossfire Stars.


  Pacific Macta with their Team Manager

They will be competing this November in Xi’an, China, against the best that the world has to offer, for the Crossfire Stars 2017 Grand Finals.



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