Rj Nieto (Thinking Pinoy) Posibleng Kasuhan Ng Siniraang Reporter Ng Inquirer

Matapang na nagpahayag sa kanyang facebook account ang Inquirer Reporter na si Jes Aznar na posibleng humarap sa kaso ang Creator ng Facebook Page na Thinking Pinoy na si Rj Nieto dahil sa mapanirang post nito tungkol sa mamamahayag.

“It has come to my attention that there’s this certain RJ Nieto, who is behind the FB page ThinkingPinoy, that is spreading a vile and malicious post against me. The post is a screen grab of my Instagram post in Marawi taken more than three weeks ago, then claiming it as a live feed of a military maneuver. Mr Nieto, while inside the comfort of his home, did not think about looking at the dates of the post but instead maliciously claiming it as happening live. 

The scene depicts soldiers exiting from a position which we were holed in after taking enemy sniper fire for hours. Thus, the troops were not there anymore when the post was made. If one would think logically, putting the soldier’s life in danger in this situation would definitely put me in harm’s way as well. 

Let me remind the gentleman, that these kinds of attacks to the press are outright dangerous. Especially for us who are covering this event and are actually inside the conflict zone. Let me also remind you that the media, fully aware of the dangers involved in covering such conflicts, are there not to be kibitzers but to do a sworn duty to keep the public informed. No more no less. 

I am also not working for the Inquirer, which he claims in his post. I don’t know where he got that. And although my works are published in the New York Times regularly, they are not my employer.

I would advise the gentleman to retract his attacks and make a public apology or face legal repercussions.

The instagram post is here instagram.com/jeszmann”

– Jes Aznar Facebook Post 

Nag ugat ang pahayag na yan matapos mag post si Rj Nieto sa kanyang facebook page na Thinking Pinoy na binabatikos ang mamahayag sa isa nitong post sa Instagram.

Si Rj Nieto ay kilala bilang masugid na tagasuporta ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte at ilang beses narin nabatikos dahil sa mga facebook post nito na mapanira sa mga taga oposisyon.

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